blonding & dimension

Could include: foils, balayage, babylights, root smudge, color melt. Our blonding services include any technique necessary to achieve your hair goals.

includes toner. inspiration, hair density, length, and hair history are all deciding factors in the initial session that will be booked. because each guest is different, these services are based on time.

#### accent | 1.5 hrs

this blonding service is for guests who are adding and/or maintaining the brightness around their face.

#### partial | 2 hrs

this blonding service is for guests who would like to brighten up around their face and refresh the blonde throughout the crown of the head and ends while leaving dimension. perfect for guests with finer hair

#### full | 2.5 hrs

this blonding service is for those who have reached their hair goals and are looking to maintain! great for those who have longer and thicker hair.

#### mega | 3 hrs

are you a first-time client and/or looking to be MUCH brighter? book this service! mega blonding is for guests with long and thick hair.

#### platinum | 3.5 hrs

a transformational blonding service for those of you that want a big change.

accent blonding
partial blonding
full blonding
mega blonding
platinum blonding