Master Esthetician

I am a Master Esthetician who wants to help people with their skin and make them feel beautiful with other services I offer. 


This is my passion because I love it and love connecting with clients and making them feel beautiful and helping them especially with their skin. It makes me feel very satisfied and it’s a very rewarding feeling knowing I helped them accomplish that- especially with skin being something that can be a hard struggle and confidence issue for people. 


I love making people feel better about themselves or beautiful while helping them with their skin. I know just little services even like having your brows waxed and tinted can be a confidence booster.


I feel very happy and grateful to be apart of a team that’s always so supportive and inspiring. Ish is like my second home. 


 Ish is a place I feel at home and work doesn’t feel like work. My co workers are my best friends and family. I am able to grow and I like that new ideas and creativity are always welcome and accepted and always progressing.


Master Esthetician

I am a Master Esthetician and make those lashes bangin’!


My craft has been created through hours of practice and connecting with clients.


Being an #ishdoll makes me feel awesome when those clients pop open their eye balls and my magic comes to life. It’s an amazing feeling taking nothing to something


Salon Ish makes me feel magical.


Being at Salon Ish, it’s a second family. There was really no choice it was meant to be. “you don’t get to pick your family, you’re blessed with them” and damn right I am blessed.


Esthetician + Microblading Artist

I am a microblading and lash artist


I microblade and lash by taking my time to understand what each client is looking to enhance or achieve with their service. 


Microblading and lashing makes me feel connected to the community and brings me joy because I know I am bringing that same feeling to my clients 


Working at Salon Ish has opened my eyes to dreams I didn’t know I was allowed to have. I feel safe and encouraged every time I walk through the halls. I feel like I belong to a tribe that chases goals and love and unity. I know I could turn to literally any employee to ask for help or love and I would be taken care of. Ultimately- I feel the type of love and support you find within a family. 


I choose to be a part of Salon Ish because I want to give other women the permission to dream their dreams and stand strong and tall against whatever is in their way of becoming more of the woman they desire to be.



I do lashes & sugaring with a bit of waxing & skincare


I build connections with my clients by sharing my life & engaging in theirs which creates an amazing environment they look forward to


What I do at Salon Ish makes me feel whole. I get to make a difference in someone’s day whether it’s by the lashes themselves boosting their confidence or by the conversation we have giving them someone who listens.


Being an #ishdoll makes me feel great because I work with such like minded individuals that want to grow everyday and want to challenge themselves. I also feel like at Ish we have a great support system to help lift one another up & cheer each other on to make the challenges of growth not so scary.


I am a part of this team because it truly feels like my home away from home. I love the way Ish makes me feel & the way it makes clients feel.



I am a lash artist & esthetician at Salon Ish. 


I’m able to do what I do at Salon Ish because of the clientele that shows up for me every single day. I show up with everyday with compassion, determination to perfect my craft, and an open ear and my clients COME THROUGH. What I do is so much more than a beauty service - it’s walking through milestones, tragedies, listening, and offering your thoughts when prompted. How I’m able to do what I do is because of my clientele. 


What I do makes me feel successful, empowered, capable, creative, compassionate. I feel like a badass boss babe when I complete a busy day/week full of clients. I’m able to be successful and make an income that gives me the ability to live the life I love. 


Working at Salon Ish makes me feel whole and successful. From the tribe of women I work with to the clients that come through our door everyday being at Salon Ish always feels like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. 


I choose to be a part of Salon Ish because I have never found a salon that feels more like a community/home/tribe etc. where we are all so vastly different yet alike. We rally for each other and we share talent yet each have our own unique magic.



I am a Lash Artist!


I create with practice, care, and a passion for making bomb lashes!


My love for what I do is by being able to connect with my clients so frequently I build THE BEST relationships! This makes me feel SO MANY FEELS! I care for my clients like they are family! I actually left the salon world for a couple years while I perused a career as a flight attendant. I chose to come back into a salon because I missed that connection with people! It’s a rare thing to find. Not many careers allow you to interact like people the way I do. 


Working at Salon Ish makes me feel proud! I feel proud and so lucky to be able to represent such an amazing space and community of women. 


I choose to be apart of Salon Ish because I have never felt like I belong anywhere like I do here! Ish makes me feel important, loved, inspired, and motivated to be the best I can be! Not just at my work, but as a person too. This group of women is like none other, and I feel so lucky to have found them! 



I am a lash artist at Salon Ish


I build long-lasting relationships with my clients. I am there for their ups and downs in life and I am always there to listen when they need someone to talk to. 

Doing lashes makes me feel creative. Each client’s lashes are unique to them and its my job to figure out what style will look best. 


Working at Salon Ish makes me feel inspired. I am surrounded with insanely talented women and it makes me want to push myself further in my career each day. 


I choose to be a part of Salon Ish because it never feels like work. I get to lash amazing people and my coworkers are like family.



I do lashes and waxing and spray tans at Salon Ish. 


By showing up to work and pushing through my busy little days is how I create lash magic. 

My craft makes me feel like I have a positive influence in people’s lives and that I have unlimited potential to continue to improve my skills.

At Ish I’m a part of something good. It also makes me feel competitive and pushes me to grow because I’m surrounded by so many people I look up to professionally.

I am an #ishdoll because it’s such a gosh darn fun place to be. We are doing great things in the community and continue to grow the business in such an impressive way. I feel like I snuck in to the coolest job - I feel really proud to be a part of Ish!



I am a master esthetician helping people achieve their goals to feel and look like the best version of themselves. 


I listen. I listen to clients wants and needs, and apply my passion for this career directly to them. My services are soulfully crafted with a fiery love for education and my clients well being. 


Empowered. I feel that empowering people to be who they want to be is the best way to fill my cup of love each day. 


Ish makes me feel nspired as an artist and as a young woman. I feel such a deep drive to continue evolving myself and my craft every day at my safest space. 


I wanted to be a part of the Ish tribe when I saw how meaningful their connections can become. They are people with the biggest hearts who are always wanting to help you thrive, and cheer your life on in the front row.



At Ish, I help clients feel good.


I listen to clients needs and do whatever I can to fulfill that; whether it's simply performing a service like lashes, facials, or waxing or adding personal connection with advice, physical connection, support or simple attention. 


My work makes me feel gratified.


Salon Ish has been one of those puzzle pieces I've been missing. I feel inspired, supported and accepted. I am proud of the business and the family and am proud of the recognition from others in the community when I talk about Katelyn and the salon.


Salon Ish personifies confidence, self worth and beauty for all clients and employees. I feel empowered to be a part of that and in inviting my clients to be a part of as well. I choose to be a part of an incredible group of inspiring individuals, because it motivates me to learn and grow as a person and as an Esthetician.











Hairstylist + Educator

I am a Hair Artist + Blonding Educator! 


I pride myself in my ability to hear my clients wants and needs and then perform in a way that is detailed oriented and thought out. I have a passion for sharing my knowledge with like-minded stylists and pretty much any one that will listen.


What I do makes me feel creatively fulfilled, proud and thankful. Creatively fulfilled and proud because of the relationships I have with my clients who give me creative freedom. Thankful because I build women up and make them feel beautiful when they look in the mirror!


Ish makes me feel empowered. SO EMPOWERED. I feel incredibly fortunate to have a badass tribe of women cheering me on in every aspect of my life.


Our industry is filled with mostly women and can get wild but at Ish, we have a bond like no other. We all want to see each other achieve our goals and live our dreams, its magic!


Hairstylist + Bridal Educator

I’m a hairstylist & bridal educator.


I love making my clients feel their very best! wether it’s giving them their blonde dreams, or making them feel beautiful on their wedding day - seeing the way good hair can make someone LIGHT up is so so rewarding! Same goes for educating. I love inspiring other stylists and fueling their passion for this industry I love so much! 


My work makes me feel so dang good! I feel really lucky to have a job that doubles as a hobby, it doesn’t feel like work and I love the connections I get to make.


Being at Ish makes me feel like I hit the lottery of salon homes. Salon Ish is a HUGE reason why I love what I do, and why work doesn’t feel like work! forever an #ishdoll


At Ish the tribe is unmatchable. I love the constant strive for more, the support of my ish dolls and the community > competition aspect. Ish is made of magic!



I am a hairstylist. 

I do what I do by connecting and communicating with my clients to create their vision. 

What I do makes me feel proud, I get to make people feel and look there best and there is nothing better than that. 

Salon Ish makes me feel inspired and confident.


I choose to be a part of Salon Ish because I love the core values that are represented at the salon. The salon uplifts each other and the community!



I am a stylist and I make people feel better about themselves for a living! I am also an ear to listen to their troubles, their successes, their struggles and their victories. It just comes naturally. I grew up in this industry and it has always been a part of my life. I love learning new techniques and new ways to give my clients the best hair I possibly can. So being educated is part of the how. I do it with heart and skill and education and passion and experience combined!  What I do makes me feel like a million bucks. I love that I get to make people feel better about themselves for a living! It makes me feel appreciated , accomplished, excited, and valued. It makes me feel inspired and grateful. And lucky to have a job that I absolutely love. 


Ish is my refuge. The place where I am supported, where I can let my creativity out. It is my home away from home. I feel proud to say I work here. I feel lucky to have been blessed with such an amazing group of women to spend my days with! 


At Ish, I like the environment. I love working with other stylists who are also interested in learning and bettering their skills. Ish has a commitment to grow the salon in a professional, inclusive way. We welcome everybody, old or young(ish). Ish is committed to the professional aspect yet I love that the salon is “fun”. Clients talk with other clients, other stylists, and that they feel comfortable and enjoy coming into that environment. I love love love my co workers! I love the community outreach we do, I love that we are a salon that cares. I love that we are not in competition with anyone.



I am a Hairstylist!

My work is created with hard work & passion.

Doing what I love makes me feel grateful.

Being an #ishdoll is something that I LOVE!

I love Ish because everyone shares the same vision and the salon is always evolving.



I am a hair magician! 

My work is created effortlessly. Everything just flows so easily at Ish. 


Being at Ish makes me happy! I’ve always loved what I do. I love making people feel amazing and confident. Giving people the hair they’ve always or giving them an updated look. 

Also very thankful. Thankful that I get to connect with so many people. Thankful I get to help some of my clients through hard times. I’m thankful I have made such strong bond with all my clients. Making them feel like they know they have a safe place to come if they need to talk and open up. 


At Ish I am: Confident. Thankful. Happy. Strong. Appreciative. 


Ish is my salon home because I wanted more from my career and job experience. I wanted a place I looked forward to coming everyday. A place where I’m pushed past my comfort zone in the most loving way- where I could grow into something more than I imagined.


I choose to be part of Ish because I love the team. I love that I have so many women to look up to. Who keep me motivated and passionate. Who open my eyes to so many things! 

I choose to be apart of Ish because of the community support and the passion they all have for helping others. Ish is a safe space for all. A happy space for all. A home for all.



I am a hair hero (hairstylist).

I do what at I do with a lot of caffeine and a chill attitude because I love hair & I love to help make people feel their best & most confident.

Doing hair makes me feel needed, wanted & loved. Doing hair makes me happy & content.


Working at ISH makes me feel like I can do anything! It’s inspiring, encouraging & fun.


I choose to be a part of ISH because ISH is always one step ahead of the rest. The vibe is alive at the ISH and we’re thriving & striving for bigger & better!



I’m a hairstylist.

I pride myself in caring about the little details of a color for the perfect look. I enjoy taking classes in person and online to ensure I’m up on the latest trends and master in my craft. I’m a great listener and somehow have the best memory of little details when it comes to stories my clients tell me and they really appreciate it. I view them as friendships rather than just business.

It feels really special that clients want to keep coming back to me and new clients that will wait months to see me. It’s such an honor to be valued for your craft and skills that you pride yourself in. 

I feel blessed to be a part of something so special at Salon Ish. A community of people that support and love one another, each other’s biggest cheerleaders in life and in business. The word Ishdoll is coveted in a way that all of our clients want to be considered one because they see that what we have is unique. 

I choose to be apart of Salon Ish because there truly is no other place like it. Like i stated before, it’s a community. Going to work feels like hanging our with your gal pals all day, it’s special.



Hi I am Jaquelyn and I am a stylist at salon Ish for 7 years now. 


I get to go into work everyday knowing clients are coming in just to see me for their hair needs and wants - to be able to deliver that is the most satisfying thing! 


Working at Ish never feels like a “job” it’s just like ohhh I get to go play with all the hairs today and hang out with all the fun peeps! Ish is always growing and changing which keeps me on toes (coming from the girl who doesn’t like change) but it helps me grow as a individual! 


I choose to be apart of Ish because we are a solid team, we are a fun team, we are a motivated team! I love going into Ish knowing my clients love walking through those doors and i love how much ish is apart of the Puyallup community.



I am a stylist. I tame manes and deliver smiles.

At Salon Ish, I assist my clients in achieving their beauty goals by helping them identify a look that compliments their own natural beauty and lifestyle.

My work makes me feel grateful to and inspired by every person who sits in my chair and lets me be such a huge part of what they see in the mirror every morning.

Working at Salon Ish makes me feel empowered, motivated and strong.

I choose to be a part of Salon Ish because the spirit of this team and its community is palpable. I've never seen a team so excited for, and committed to the success of each other.



I create hair magic at Salon Ish!

I am able to do what I do at Salon Ish because my team is so fun and supportive always keeping me inspired. My clients are pretty cool!

Transforming hair and making my clients day makes me feel accomplished and worthy.

Working at Salon Ish makes me feel excited! Excited to see my friends and be apart of a team but most of all it makes me feel proud.

I choose to be an #ishdoll because of what ish stands for, how we treat our clients and for the constant positive evolving environment. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.









I am a hair stylist that is all for creating pretty hair! 

I love making people feel confident and pretty in their own skin. Listening to others wants and being able to bring a smile to their face all throughout their service, especially at the end is a good feeling! 

Having people come sit in my chair to trust me with so much more than their hair is truly amazing. I wanted my job to be a passion. I look forward to coming to work everyday to bring happiness into others lives. 

Walking through those doors is magical from a clients stand point to now working there I couldn't agree more. Being able to have a group of women support you and root for you is truly amazing. The education I have received and love from everyone is inspiring.

It's so much more than being apart of Salon Ish itself. I choose to be here everyday and to be apart of a group that cheers others on, supports them, and gives back to everyone around them. Everyone inside of those doors at Salon Ish has your back and will push you to be the very best version of yourself. That is the why I choose to be a #ishdoll to thrive with a whole bunch of boss babes!





Massage Therapist

I am a massage therapist! So, I do all the massage treatments we offer at The Sanctuary: relaxation massage, deep tissue/treatment massage, cupping therapy, hot stones, dry brushing, and so much more! Fun fact: I'm also an esthetician.

I got my massage license in 2010 and medical esthetics license soon thereafter. I  started out at a chiropractor office, then med spa, learning medical and treatment massage, which is what I incorporate into my massage now, along with relaxation. Best of both worlds!

How does what I do, make me feel?... Connected! Helpful! Happy! Rewarded in so many ways. The power of touch is an incredible thing: both physically and emotionally. Being able to teach others how to take care of themselves... being able to create a safe and relaxing space for others to escape the stressors life throws at us...I am humbled. 


Being a part of Ish makes me feel... alive, free to be exactly who I am, and excited to find my highest potential. It’s all about living your best life, as your best self here! And being surrounded by the most AMAZING, encouraging, beautiful women inside and out! I feel so much love in this space. It’s filled with it. And endless possibilities and magic. 


I choose to be a part of this team because we all lift each other up. Every. Day. Everyone is perfecting their own craft in the most harmonious, fun loving, supportive way possible and I’m here for it! Ish is made up of the most wonderful ladies who are here to help the community make them feel like their best selves as well. I feel happy and grateful to be here each time I walk through the door. 


Marketing Director

WHAT do you do at Salon Ish?

A: Hype girl

HOW do you do what you do at Salon Ish?

A: Freedom

HOW does what you do, make you FEEL?

A: Challenged + Proud

HOW does working at Salon Ish make you FEEL?

A: Like a Bad Bishhhh

WHY do you choose to be a part of Salon Ish?

A: Because it feels like home.


Front Desk Team

I am all things back office details - the genie of stylist/esti schedule coordinating and always trying to make our fearless leaders life just a bit easier.

With a lot of communication and structure I find the most success at Ish.

What I do makes me feel SO GOOD! Like I'm contributing to something that's beyond amazing and magical. I love being able to communicate with everyone and helping in any way has always made me feel so wonderful.

As a part of Ish, I feel SO SPECIAL! Salon Ish has grown so much in the last 6 years that I've had the pleasure of being apart of it and it only continues to grow! I want to apart of it because its so unique and the most amazing work environment.

The people, the clients, the magic , and Katelyn are why Ish is my place. This place is so special and I love everything about it! I know its going so far and I can hardly wait to watch and be apart of it.


Front Desk Team



Front Desk Team



Front Desk Team

Hi hello! I am a receptionist at Salon Ish.

I do what I do at Salon Ish by being reasonable to customers and staying organized. Remembering that we are helping someone's dreams become reality, keeps the spark burning.

What I do makes me feel important, without the receptionists, Salon Ish wouldn't work as smooth.  We are the first and last face you see at the salon so creating that magical interaction is essential.

Working at Salon Ish makes me feel accepted, supported, and helps boost confidence. Every gal that walks into this salon is unique and loved, it's amazing to be apart of that family.

I choose to be apart of Salon Ish because I think everyone should have a place where they feel like they are thriving with the people around them, what better lace to feel alive than your job!


Front Desk Team

I am a part of the amazing Front Desk Team.

I am always so uplifted by the community and Salon Ish inspires me to spread postivie Ish vibes to those around me. A key role in what I do is making al clients feel beautiful and appreciated for getting a service done, and to also encourage all the other amazing girls I work beside.

Being at the front desk makes me feel like I have the power and opportunity to make peoples day and be a supportive team member.

Being an Ish Doll makes me feel like I am always getting a giant hug. Everyone here always makes me feel so loved.

I choose to be a part of Salon Ish because it's a total girl-power family. Katelyn and Crystal are the baddie Ish mamas that run the show and everyone has a role to carry, and it's stunning.


Front Desk Team



Front Desk Team